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What are Common Property Rights By-laws?

What are Common Property Rights By-laws? A Common Property Rights By-law is one which confers on the owner or owners of a specified lot or lots in the strata scheme: a right of exclusive use and enjoyment of the whole or any specified part of the common property; or...

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Wrigley v Owners Corporation SP53413 [2017] NSWCATAP 100

Wrigley, is the owner of a lot in Strata Plan 53413. The Respondent is the Owners Corporation. The Owners Corporation made an application for an order from a Strata Adjudicator, under section 150 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 (“SSMA1996”) that Mr Wrigley’s...

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Bylaw Consolidation

Bylaw Consolidation Under clause 4 of Schedule 3 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (NSW) ("the 2015 Act"), an owners corporation of an existing strata scheme is required to review the by-laws for their strata scheme not later than 12 months after 30 November...

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False Fire Alarm By-Laws

When a fire sensor is activated a fire alarm is triggered and Fire and Rescue NSW will attend the owners corporation's building. On each occasion Fire and Rescue NSW attends the owners corporation's building to respond to a fire alarm that is afterwards discovered to...

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Drafting Community Management Statements

A Community Management Statement is a legal document governed in New South Wales under the Community Land Development Act 1989 which is registered with a community plan and sets out the by-laws (also known as CMS by-laws) to regulate the rights and obligations between...

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