What makes us different

What makes us different from other lawyers?

 Communication with the client

We advise the client and work with them to achieve the best outcome. We maintain an open line of communication with the client at all times. We also follow up the client at the end of the matter to ensure things run smoothly.

A practical approach is taken

Some lawyers lose sight of the client’s objectives. We keep a practical and legal eye on the outcome of your matter at all times. Due to litigation being fluid, unforeseen circumstances may arise. We promptly advise our client on the practical effect of any changes which may affect their case and the best action to take in these circumstances.


Litigation should be a last resort. However, sometimes the only way to achieve a good settlement is to put your best case forward by showing the other party that you are serious and are prepared to fight the case all the way. If your matter cannot be resolved through mediation, negotiation or other dispute resolution processes, we have the experience to assist you in a professional and cost effective manner.


Many mid-sized law firms hand over the running of a court or tribunal case to their junior lawyers. It is also not uncommon for 2 or more lawyers to work on a court or tribunal case at the same time. In our experience, this should be avoided where possible. At Pobi Lawyers, your case will be solely handled by our experienced lawyer and principal Michael Pobi who has over 10 years legal experience. In this way, we save money for our clients and keep control of the case. From time to time we use specialist barristers for expert advice and court hearings, but we always keep control of the day to day running of the matter in our client’s interest.

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