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Strata By-Laws

We can help you with all kinds of strata bylaws

Over the years Michael Pobi has drafted hundreds of by-laws for strata and community schemes all across Sydney. He has the experience to assist you with the following:

  • Drafting simple and complex strata by-laws and community management statement by-laws involving renovations, air-conditioning, balcony additions, the keeping of pets, parking, noise, flooring, smoking, use of barbeques on balconies/courtyards, awnings, shutters, pergola works, hot water system installations, Foxtel installations, solar panels on roof installations, gas supply installations, signage, skylight installations, swimming pool rules, satellite dish installations, window safety devices/windows installation and regulation, behaviour of residents, architectural and landscape guidelines, fences, wheel clamping and tow away vehicle by-laws and matters appropriate to the strata or community scheme concerned
  • Drafting common property rights by-laws, special privilege and exclusive use by-laws under sections 141 and 143 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 e.g. by-laws involving using attic spaces, ducted air-conditioning, major internal and external building works, awnings, balconies, Foxtel satellites, telecommunications equipment and storage cages, exclusive use of car parking areas, car wash bays, any much more
  • Drafting section 108 by-laws and special resolutions
  • Advising you on and drafting simple and complex by-law amendments
  • Advising you on and assisting you in relation to by-law enforcement
  • Setting up developer by-laws for strata schemes
  • Drafting and advising you on Strata Management Statements
  • Drafting leases and licences over common property

What we need to draft your strata by-law

To draft your strata by-law, we normally require the following:

    • Copy of the registered strata plan.
    • Copy of any strata plans of subdivision.
    • Your lot number(s).
    • Copies of your strata scheme’s current by-laws.
    • A scope of works including any diagrams, drawings and plans and the location of the works.
    • If the proposed works involve the removal of an internal/external load bearing wall, certification from a structural engineer that such works will not affect the structural integrity of the building.

Some of the reasons owners corporations, strata managers and lot owners prefer to use Pobi Lawyers to draft their by-laws: 

      • Efficiency – You will receive your draft completed by-law within 2 business days*
      • Price Certainty and Price Guarantee – We charge a fixed fee for special bylaws, renovation by-laws and common property right by-laws. Our by-laws are professionally drafted by a specialist strata lawyer.
      • We offer fixed fee consolidation of bylaws and bylaw registration.
      • Reliable Service – We are committed to providing you with a reliable service.

*Terms and Conditions
We reserve the right to request payment in advance in our trust account. When we do so, delivery of the by-law will be within 2 business days of receipt of clear funds in trust, all required information/documents requested to draft the by-law and receipt of instructions from you. However, any requested amendments to your by-law may be delivered more than 2 business days after receipt of funds in trust or your instructions. We will refund our fee in full if the draft by-law is not delivered to you by 6:00pm on the 2nd business day. Requests for highly sophisticated by-laws, complex by-laws, repeals to and amendments to such by-laws and their replacement may take more than 2 business days to draft. In these circumstances you, the client, will be advised on receipt of your request for a cost estimate.

Michael is dedicated to educating strata managers, strata committees, lot owners and professionals in this niche area of law. In May 2013, Michael formally presented a seminar to NSW Young Lawyers titled “Strata By-Laws Fundamentals”.  A link to the seminar paper can be found here Strata bylaws fundamentals_NSW Young Lawyers Here is a sample no smoking by-law Sample No Smoking By-Law

Due to Michael Pobi’s keen interest in strata by-laws, Michael Pobi also presented a seminar to iCLE titled “Strata By-Laws 101” which is directed towards property lawyers, general lawyers, strata managing agents, executive committees and lot owners. A link to this online seminar can be found here Strata By-Laws 101